Post-Hurricane Sandy Project Management and Industrial Hygiene Services

Project challenge:

WCD Group was retained by various private real estate holders in Lower Manhattan to assist in recovery efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the resulting Category 3 floodwaters. WCD was also asked to provide health and safety and industrial hygiene consulting services relative to the elevated levels of volatile organic compounds present.


Private Real Estate Owners, Lower Manhattan


$10 Million+


Upon project initiation, WCD first had to assist in the extraction of floodwaters. Additional crews were mobilized from as far away as North Carolina to segregate and recover petroleum-impacted water. Following this effort we were responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing disinfection protocols to be used in the cleanup efforts.

During restoration activities WCD provided environmental consulting services, directing and monitoring contractors in the proper placement and ventilation of equipment-generating poisonous fumes. We performed water sampling in order to verify the quality of potable water. Moisture mapping was conducted using moisture meters and thermal photography to establish the scope of work for the demolition and replacement of porous material. Prior to tenant re-occupancy, WCD performed comprehensive indoor air quality investigations in all public and tenant-occupied spaces. We also managed and supervised a microbial restoration subcontractor in the removal and replacement of water damaged porous materials. We tested for water damage using microbial swipes/Total Coliform sampling.

As a result of WCD’s cleanup efforts our clients’ properties were the first to come back “online” in Lower Manhattan.