New York State Regulatory Alert

  • 2015-09-08

State Requires Mold Inspections to be Performed by Licensed  Inspectors

On January 29, 2015, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law Bill s3667D-2013. This new Bill, which came into effect on July 28, 2015, amends the New York State’s labor law by introducing Article 32, requiring the licensing of mold assessment and remediation specialists, and sets forth minimum work standards for these professionals. The purpose of Article 32 of the Labor Law, as the law is known, is to ensure the safety of the general public by mandating that only licensed professionals are performing mold assessment, abatement, and remediation.

Summary of Requirements: 

The Bill is in response to concerns resulting from the mold cleanup and remediation efforts following Hurricane Sandy. The new regulations require:

  • Minimum age of 18 for licensees;
  • Completion of state-mandated (and NY Department of Labor approved) training;
  • Payment of appropriate licensing fees;
  • All assessment and testing professionals, as well as mold remediation contractors, must be licensed by the NY DOL;
  • Provision of insurance certificates showing workers’ compensation coverage and liability insurance of at least $50,000
  • A copy of a valid mold assessment or mold remediation license, conspicuously displayed at the work site; and
  • Licensed assessor’s remediation plan to specify work practices, areas of abatement, personal protective equipment, engineering controls, and final acceptability (“clearance”) criteria.

The law also prohibits any person licensed to perform mold-related services from acting as both the mold assessment contractor and the mold remediation contractor.

WCD Has the Licensed Inspectors!

WCD Group has been providing technical assessment and remediation services for water damage and mold growth for the construction and real estate sectors for more than 25 years. That is why we have been one of the first environmental risk management firms in New York to attend the DOL-approved training and are now certified to conduct the mandated assessments.