Meadowlands Landfill Closure Project

Project challenge:

WCD Construction Management, LLC was retained by American Home Assurance Company (AHA), a subsidiary of AIG, as Project Consultant/Construction Manger for the closure and remediation of a 740 acre landfill site in the New Jersey Meadowlands District.


American Home Assurance Company


$148 Million


AHA assumed responsibility for this Project as a result of the bankruptcy of the former project owner. As Surety Bond holder on the Project, AHA chose to complete the closure and remediation of the five landfill sites and retained WCD to manage the massive work effort. WCD was first retained in the winter of 2007 to analyze the schedule, completion date extension request, budgets, and costs to complete this troubled project. This analysis led AHA to direct WCD to serve as “acting project manager” to coordinate the effort of the existing project engineering and construction team. In June 0f 2009, WCD’s role was expanded to serve as Construction Manager. The Project was executed in a series of sequential activities, scheduled and managed utilizing a Critical Path Method (CPM) P-6 budget and scheduling software.

WCD’s responsibilities over a six year period encompassed nearly every critical aspect of the project. Our initial efforts included the project-wide documentation of current conditions, the preparation of a Closure and Remediation Options Report and Cost Analysis, and a Cost-to-Complete Budget Estimate and Schedule. WCD also prepared the procurement documents and secured all contracts necessary to complete all required tasks, which included:

  • Field verification of the status of all site-wide infrastructure systems and engineering controls: (leachate and stormwater systems, monitoring systems, pumps, and site security);
  • Prepare, submit, and execute site-wide Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.
  • Aerial photography, Site Survey, and Topographic Modeling;
  • Scope, competitively procure, and execute required contracts with all construction and design trades, including six independent engineering/design firms and multiple general and sub-trade contractors;
  • Competitively procure fill material, cover materials, and PDM required for closure;
  • Establish and manage Fill Material Acceptance Protocols and Reporting; and
  • Permit status verification and permit modification submittals.

Additionally, WCD served as the direct project liaison with a host of state and local regulatory agencies and stakeholders including NJ Department of Environmental Protection, NJ Meadowlands Commission, US Army Corps of Engineers, Bergen County Soil Conservation District, and Bergen County Utilities Authority. WCD also served as press relation officer for AHA.

The project was managed utilizing a state-of-the-art project and construction management system, Primavera P6 CPM software. Short- and long-term cost-loaded Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules were produced to guide the work and provide our project team the dynamic tool required for managing the entire flow of work on the project, from mobilization to final acceptance.