Environmental Investigation and Remedial Services

Project challenge:

Comprehensive investigation and remediation of a 4.3 acre industrial parcel with historical PCE release at a former manufacturer of electrical components. The site had PCE documented in on-site soil and on and off-site groundwater.


Laurwal Holding Corporation


WCD Group, LLC, (formerly Ecosystems Strategies, LLC) was retained by Laurwal Holding Corporation to conduct on-going environmental investigative and remedial services at a 4.3-acre parcel occupied by a 40,000-square foot industrial building, a Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) site under the oversight of the USEPA. Site investigation services documented the presence of chlorinated solvents (PCE and metabolites) in on-site soil (in several locations), in sub-slab vapor, and in both shallow and deep groundwater.

Two “hot spots” of soil contamination have been fully investigated and remediated through excavation and off-site disposal, with post-excavation soil sample results confirming adequate removal.  Documented contaminated soil (and soil vapor) remain under the building and documented shallow and bedrock groundwater contamination remain on the Site as well as down-gradient.

A Remedial Action Work Plan proposing ISCO treatment combined with an interceptor system for sub-slab soil contamination is under review by the USEPA. The RAWP also details procedures for groundwater treatment.