Supporting the community by giving back has always been important to WCD. We have partnered with several non-profit organizations that reflect our beliefs and practices and support them by donating funds, time, and resources. We believe in giving more than just financial support to these organizations and are devoted to enhancing their efforts through any means possible.

The Honor Foundation

The Honor Foundation (THF) is a unique transition institute created exclusively for Navy SEALs and the U.S. Special Operations community. They provide a clear process for professional development and a diverse ecosystem of world class support and technology. Every step is dedicated to preparing these outstanding men and women to continue to realize their maximum potential during and after their service career.


We exist to serve others with Honor, for life. So that their next mission is always clear and continues to impact the world.

Read more about The Honor Foundation at their website.

BlueSphere Foundation

Blue Sphere Foundation works to safeguard the planet’s oceans, halting the destruction of threatened marine species and habitats. We go where there are urgent threats and critical resource gaps, and act quickly to establish the necessary groundwork for others to join in. We believe art and media are essential tools to spark curiosity and inspire action, and it is therefore an integral part of everything we do.

The world doesn’t take action without a little help. We bring art and activism together to raise awareness and inspire action to keep our global marine environment healthy.

At the very core of WCD is care and concern for the natural environment. Our President, Chip D’Angelo, has been an avid scuba diver for over 30 years, and has had firsthand experience with the magnificent creatures that inhabit our earth’s waters. Having seen for himself the devastation of precious marine environments, he was inspired to advance the conservation efforts through this unique nonprofit. Chip formed BlueSphere Foundation and currently serves as the Founding Member of the Board.

Read more about Blue Sphere Foundation and the work they do at their website.

Wounded Warrior Project

The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. WWP is a nonprofit organization; they exist to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured service members.

Through their holistic approach WWP hopes to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in history. To date they have already helped over 44,000 alumni.

WCD’s commitment to the Wounded Warrior Project is inspired by the commitment of the servicemen and women of our country who each day make sacrifices to protect our nation. As many of our employees are directly affected by the work carried out by WPP, it is a cause that we wholeheartedly support.

Read more about Wounded Warrior Project and the work they do at at their website.

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