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Project challenge:

The project was one of the few remaining large scale asbestos projects involving spray applied fireproofing throughout the property. As a result of the pending sprinkler regulation being implemented in NYC, the Ford Foundation investigated the site for potential disturbance of known asbestos-containing fireproofing, which would have been impacted by the sprinkler installation. Based on the asbestos-related complexities, the Ford Foundation determined that they would undertake a complete transformation of this landmarked structure, would relocate the entire population of this 11 story property, and proceed with the abatement of 90% of the structure. Further complexities included the various NYC Department of Buildings filings, which involved the Landmarks Preservation Society and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection Asbestos Technical Review Unit (approval required to coordinate construction concurrent with asbestos abatement), a requirement to minimize the financial impact and schedule to the renovation. WCD was instrumental in working with the expediter to get the necessary approvals.


Kearney Realty & Development Group




WCD Group LLC was retained by The Ford Foundation to conduct a comprehensive asbestos survey of the property located at 320 East 43rd Street, New York, NY for use in evaluating a building modernization program which will, at a minimum, include the installation of sprinkler systems. The property is an 11-story commercial office property with three levels below grade, and a rooftop penthouse. The inspection included all interior areas of the building as well as the roofing systems and exterior window caulking. The structure was constructed in 1966 and is approximately 299,094 square feet in size.

In addition to the comprehensive asbestos survey, WCD was also retained to perform an inspection for the presence of lead coatings, the possible presence of PCBs in window caulking, and conduct an inventory for universal wastes; which would require removal and proper disposal in coordination with the renovation program.

In October 2015, WCD was retained through a $280,000 contract to prepare specifications and drawings for asbestos abatement and provide bidding period services. After having successfully complete bid packages, we are currently in the process of preparing the regulatory filings and the project is expect to continue for 4 months, with WCD providing all of the third party air monitoring oversight.