Environmental Consulting Services
Former Domino Sugar Refinery Phase I ESA, Asbestos Survey, LBP Inspection

Project challenge:

There is a Restrictive Declaration currently in place for the site as a result of environmental issues and the proposed redevelopment. WCD acts in the role of “Reporter,” interfacing on a weekly basis between the NYC Department of City Planning and Two Trees Management relative to environmental and construction issues and for the past year has been reporting on a monthly basis to the City of New York. These services are anticipated to continue through 2018. Additionally, the site had no sprinkler systems or operating elevators. Through a complex ATRU process WCD was able to get standpipes and hoists installed allowing the abatement work to move forward.


Two Trees Management, LLC


$300,000 to date


WCD was retained to provide environmental consulting services during the development (residential conversion) of the Former Domino Sugar Refinery, at one time the largest sugar refinery in the world. This site occupies approximately 12 acres of waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Services provided included:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for $160 million dollar bank financing;
  • Execution of a comprehensive confirmatory survey of each of the facilities at the site;
  • Execution of a lead based paint inspection;
  • The preparation of chemical inventories for the proper packaging and disposal of onsite chemicals;
  • The preparation of a universal waste inventory for the proper packaging and disposal of universal wastes;
  • The sampling and classification of unknown liquids; and
  • Third party air monitoring oversight during asbestos abatement (interiors completed summer of 2013, exteriors currently under abatement and scheduled for completion 8/2014. Asbestos abatement program value – $3 million.

Over the course of the project, there have been more than 40 inspections by regulators including the NYCDEP, NYSDEC, FDNY and OSHA. None of these inspections resulted in the issuance of a violation.