Historic Site Remediation and Development – Berry Lane Park

Project challenge:

A 17 acre project site in Jersey City, NJ consisting of multiple historic uses including residential, industrial, manufacturing, and a rail yard with a portion of the site consisting of a previously back-filled canal. Over the years, the property was used as a dumping ground for a variety of municipal and industrial wastes. In addition, the former Morris Canal (which ran through the site) was backfilled with a hazardous Contaminated Chromium Processed Waste (CCPW) material.


Jersey City Redevelopment Agency


$7.6 Million


WCD provided comprehensive construction management services including field oversight and project management, as well as contractor and consultant coordination during the construction phase of this site remediation and development project. The work involved historic fill/soil excavation (and management) with metals, TPH and PCB contaminants, asbestos in soils, UST removals, and the excavation and offsite disposal of CCPW (hexavalent chromium). The work also included the site-wide placement of a two foot cap of engineered backfill, installation of temporary and permanent soil erosion sediment control stabilization measures, drainage and storm water management systems, sanitary and water lines, irrigation lines, hardscaping, ball field features, etc.

WCD provided planning, pre-construction, and turnkey remediation services, as well as construction oversight. WCD also managed the amendment of the CCPW with an additive to reduce the water content of the exported hazardous material to mitigate the chances of leaking chromium-impacted water out of the various shipping vessels. Additionally, WCD managed multiple unexpected issues such as coordination with the Jersey City Emergency Management Services (Bomb Squad) for the removal of various unexploded ordinances (UXO’s) found while excavating within the former Canal area.