Construction Manager-at-Risk for demolition and abatement oversight

Project challenge:

A multi-phased demolition and asbestos abatement project, requiring significant phase sequencing and permitting coordination with multiple approval agencies on a fast-track timeline.


Forest City Ratner Companies


$8 Million


WCD was retained as Construction Manager-at-Risk by Forest City Ratner Companies after successfully value engineering an almost 30% reduction in cost to the abatement portion of this demolition project in Brooklyn, NY. WCD self-performed the management oversight and industrial hygiene services, and held the subcontracts for the design engineer, demolition subcontractor, and abatement subcontractor for this approximately $8M project. The building is an assembly of several industrial buildings constructed between the beginning of the 20th century and the 1960s, and has a combined 380,000 square feet, ranging from three to seven stories tall. The demolition involved multiple phases including interior “gut” demolition, followed by abatement of asbestos-containing tar on the vertical steel members, followed by structural demolition of one discrete section of the building, and finally structural demolition of the remaining building. The sequencing required significant phasing and permitting coordination with multiple approval agencies on a fast-track timeline.

WCD also provided industrial hygiene services and worker exposure assessments as they relate to both the asbestos abatement and the environmental contaminants normally generated during general demolition activities. As part of WCD’s IH services we also conducted comprehensive worksite hazard assessment and personal exposure OSHA compliance monitoring for demolition. Contaminants sampled for personal exposure were welding/cutting fumes, respirable silica, and asbestos.