WCD Group, LLC is not your typical environmental firm. We are not bound by conventional thinking, which enables us to combine our multi-disciplined experience in construction, environmental science and engineering, insurance, regulatory compliance, claims, and litigation support to design custom risk management solutions at any phase of a transaction, real estate, development, construction, remediation, or emergency response project.

We assist owners, lenders, developers, and contractors, as well as their insurance carriers and attorneys, in managing and mitigating environmental and construction risks through unique contracting methodologies and at any point in the process. This allows them to more successfully execute their projects and business plans.

Our ability to see the bigger picture and understand the project risks allows us to anticipate potential problems before they occur and quickly solve the unexpected ones. If a claim or litigation has been initiated, we assist in quantifying, allocating, mitigating, or removing exposure.


Our Mission

WCD manages and mitigates risk in the environmental, construction, real estate and insurance marketplace.

Our Core Values


WCD brings the greatest value to our clients by providing opinions, analyses, and recommendations founded in fact and without bias or influence.


WCD always strives to provide practical, realistic, and cost effective solutions within the context of the assignment.


WCD values our client relationships and never breaches our clients’ trust or confidence.


WCD always acts and communicates in a forthright, professional, and honest manner.


WCD builds confidence in our constituencies by providing the best, well thought out, and researched recommendations.


WCD works to provide exceptional, responsive service to our customers, attaining the highest level of satisfaction.

Having WCD as a partner allows us to go after more aggressive, more complex projects. It lets us go after projects that we normally would not go after because we know we’ll get an honest view of the potential and the right team to deal with issues when they do arise.” – WCD Client Interview



WCD is built around the proven experience, significant talent, and considerable accomplishments of our senior consultants. Over time, they have made a profound impact on the industry participating in the development and creation of many environmental standards still in use today.

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Giving Back

Supporting the community by giving back has always been important to WCD. We have partnered with several non-profit organizations that reflect our beliefs and practices and support them by donating our funds, time and resources. We believe in giving more than just financial support to these organizations and are devoted to enhancing their efforts through any means possible.